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Broadcast Room Schedule


Broadcast Room Schedule

4       Nathan Schwab, Craig Scheele
11     Ethan Paxton, Brett Scheiding
18     Don Wurm, Barry Weichel
22 (Thanksgiving)  Michael Wells, Eric Bekemeyer
25     Tom Hueske, Neil Bekemeyer
2       Nathan Schwab, Craig Scheele
9       Brett Scheiding,  Ethan Paxton
16     Don Wurm, Barry Weichel
23     Neil Bekemeyer, Tom Hueske
24 (Christmas Eve)  Craig Scheele, Nathan Schwab
25 (Christmas Day)  Michael Wells, Eric Bekemeyer
30     Brett Scheiding,  Ethan Paxton


If you are unable to be in the broadcast room on your scheduled day, make arrangements with someone else or


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